The Speed Ramp

Speed in today’s game is a game breaker and the key to getting to the puck first and making the pass or scoring for the winning goal!!!!Speed Ramp
improves first-step skating quickness through an inclined ramp. The Speed Ramp does not change a skater’s form and allows them to skate just as they would on a real ice surface. No on-ice drills or off-ice technology can match the Speed Ramp’s effectiveness in working on the start and improving first-step skating quickness.

One of the most important elements of skating is first-step quickness. The ability to start your stride quicker, leads to more speed, and in turn gets you to the puck quicker than your opponent. Our primary tool for developing first-step quickness is our SPEED RAMP.


RapidShot is an indispensable hockey-training tool for every player, from youth players to top junior and professional athletes. RapidShot offers the most advanced, computerized technology available in the world for improving shooting skills.

The RapidShot Hockey Training System can pass hundreds of pucks per hour, with details on every shot regarding accuracy, speed, and reaction time.

The RapidShot Hockey Training System will improve your hockey shooting, whether you are a beginner or professional player. RapidShot Hockey Training System uses REAL pucks, requiring the shooter to receive passes and shoot over a series of 16 shots, tracking shooting accuracy, velocity, and release quickness of each shot. It is NOT a simulator, but rather real training, with real pucks.

Mini rink

We will use are 600sqf. Synthetic mini rink to teach.

    • Skating.
    • Puck Handing
    • Shooting


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