How long is a regular Skatemill session?
In order to achieve maximum benefit, players will work at a game-like work to rest ratio and will be given an appropriate rest time in between shifts on the treadmill. Therefore, a player’s session length will depend on how many players are booked per hour.For example:

4 players – 60 minutes (15 minutes of skating/instruction time per player)

What do I need to bring?When coming in for a skatemill session you will need to bring your skates, stick, gloves, gym shorts, and a water bottle.
MUST also bring shin pads and a helmet to the session.

Is it okay for players to wear their real skates?

Yes, the skatemill will not do any damage to a player’s skates.

What happens if a player falls on the skatemill?

All players will wear a safety harness when on the skatemill. The instructor will demonstrate the proper way to fall if a player is ever to fall on the skatemill which allows the player to simply hang without getting hurt.

How often will I have to sharpen my skates after being on the Skatemill?

Depending on the player’s weight, the skatemill will dull the skate blades 1.5 to 2 times faster than on the ice.

How does the skatemill compare to real ice?

To compare the skatemill to the ice is like comparing a swimmer swimming in a calm lake where there’s no current and a swimmer swimming up a river where they’re faced with a current. Facing the current will make it more challenging, but will yield in greater and faster gains once stepping back onto the ice.

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