• Longer stride
  • Shooting In Stride
  • Injury Prevention
  • 1 on 1 coaching from 4 ft away!
  • Immediate feedback
  • Increased speed
Skating treadmill users are exposed to a number of benefits regardless of their age or skill level:Beginners:

Easier to learn how to skate with drop down bar to hold onto and professional instruction
Safer to learn how to skate with safety harness to catch skater if they fall
Increased muscle memory and retention on skating treadmill makes stepping back onto ice easy and seamless
Provides a great conditioning experience for those looking for a new workout
Players looking to improve:

Higher repetition on skating treadmill creates faster gains and better muscle memory and retention than on ice; players will be able to learn new skills faster and apply them to game situations sooner
Forces players to work harder than on ice due to increased friction of treadmill surface versus ice and constant force of treadmill moving against the skater
Skating treadmill forces players to stride perfectly every time; any skating inefficiencies will be exposed very quickly
Detailed skating treadmill program is customized to the individual’s goals
Private 1 on 1 coaching at a large fraction of the cost it would be to replicate on-ice

Fine-tune any inefficiencies that will make big differences on the ice
Challenges multi-tasking abilities essential for the professional game
Great for off-season training or rehabilitation after an injury

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