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Advanced Hockey Training (AHT) is a year-round training facility designed to improve hockey skills for athletes in a fun and encouraging environment. We provide athletes with a competitive advantage, through hard work and discipline, against other athletes who are not in programs like ours.

Having access to some of the most innovative, state-of-the-art hockey training equipment, our members can expect to excel in every aspect of their game, including fitness, muscle growth, mental conditioning, power skating, shooting, puck control, passing, and stick handling.

For most players, it’s not what team you play for. It’s about being a game-changing player that stands out from the other players. Those are the types of players that get noticed. The goal of AHT is to develop the skills necessary to build impact players who are leaders on their team.

At Advanced Hockey Training, it’s not just about developing skills, it’s about building character!

Let us earn the right to be your first choice in a hockey training facility.

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